If you want to boost your sales online or offline…

You don’t need to hope and pray that your next marketing campaign converts better.

You don’t need to spend a fortune building your brand.

And you definitely don’t need to risk your business on self-professed “gurus” or green copywriters.

Because whether you’re an 8- or 9-figure business or a startup… you can get more leads, more sales, and bigger AOVs and LTVs fast:

“Tony’s marketing strategy and sales copy helped take us from $0 to $1,500,000+ in less than 18 months . He created our 7-figure email funnels, plus our sales pages and upsells. If you want more sales, you’ll love working with him. The guy is a legend, and a marketing genius.”
– Chandler Bolt, Founder & CEO at Self-Publishing School

Hi, I’m Tony Zarembski. My marketing strategy and direct response copy have boosted sales in 23 industries, from information products and consulting firms, to energy storage and high-end consumer goods.

I’ve worked with Ramit Sethi and built some of I Will Teach’s key upsell and cross-sell pages, landing pages, email sales campaigns, webinars, and more — for more than half a dozen products.

And if we’re right for each other, I’ll dig deep to unearth hidden revenue streams in your business… then create a strategy and sales copy that bring you more money from your marketing for years and years.

What clients are saying…

“….Tony is one of the few copywriters my colleagues and I rate. He has a real talent for understanding the power of emotion – and how to use it.”
– Drayton Bird, Master copywriter and author of Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing



WOW!! THIS COPY IS PURE GOLDI am blown away. This is EXACTLY what I wanted to express (I just didn’t have the words). I cannot thank you enough Tony!”
– Selena Soo, Business + Publicity Strategist for visionary entrepreneurs, experts and authors



 “Tony does a great job in sifting through a product or service’s features, extracts the most important components, and creates compelling marketing copy. He’s a great partner and extremely easy to work with.
– Mikel Schwarz, Partner at RibbedTee and creator of the HANDeBAND

“[Tony] gave us the insights and strategies to beef up parts of the website that weren’t as persuasive as we wanted… Plus, his research uncovered product details and benefits we hadn’t even thought of. In short, he made our sales copy more effective and was a pleasure to collaborate with.”
– Mark Harper, Senior Marketing Executive at Audeze

Set a record for daily donations…

The Himalayan Cataract Project gives back sight – and hope – to blind people in developing countries. My new strategy and landing+checkout page set a record for daily donations. (Winning headline: “Can a 10-minute, $20 medical procedure change a life?”)

What sales opportunities are hiding right in front of you in your business?

I’ve built an entire system and operational framework to track them down and seek them out.

Here’s why you’ll get more sales:

  • EXPERIENCE: I’ve grown businesses for more than a decade and worked with some of the top names in direct response marketing, including Drayton Bird and Ramit Sethi. The internet is crawling with amateurs and moonlighters who will leap at the first chance to get a paycheck, but rookie mistakes can set you back for months or years — and cost you 10X or 100X more in lost sales
  • SALES FIRST. Applause, awards, pats on the back, and “branding” won’t keep the lights on. But a solid, creative direct response campaign can multiply your sales for years and years
  • SYSTEMS: I’ve spent hundreds of hours building and automating systems that make projects go smoother and faster — and improve conversion. For instance, my 23-step research process ensures there’s no stone unturned — and no money left on the table
  • I invest HEAVILY in your success: You’ll get bigger wins because I’ve poured more than 5,000 hours into deliberate practice, worked side by side with Ramit Sethi and Drayton Bird, paid $1,500/hour for coaching from the world’s best copywriter… and invested $20,000+ of my own money into improving my skills
  • “BUNKER MODE” Some copywriters respond instantly to every email. Where do they find the time to work? Developing a marketing strategy and researching/writing sales copy takes time and, more importantly, focus. That’s why I focus on deep work — and only check email twice a day
  • I care about your ROI because I want clients for life, and I’m only as good as my last project. My goal is to make you at least 20X your investment in me
  • TEST EVERYTHING: Everyone has an opinion… but results speak loudest. (I’ve beaten more than 90% of the controls I’ve gone up against.)
  • I HAVE A HORSE IN THE RACE, TOO. Since direct response is based on results, I’m only as good as my last project. And I have a financial stake in your success, since we measure performance.
  • SELECTIVE: If you could work with anyone you wanted, who would you say “yes” to? Someone smart and moving up fast — or average? I love my clients, and I’ve hand-selected them after a thorough application process; they’ve done the same with me. Life is too short to settle, and your business is too important to leave money on the table.

3 Steps to Greater Profits from Your Existing Product or Service:

STEP #1: Diagnose

There’s an old adage in marketing — or maybe I made it up — “If you want someone to take your order, go to McDonald’s.”

A few years ago, I led a diagnostic appointment with a new client who’d requested a simple video sales letter (VSL).

I’d studied more than 100 pages of their sales copy and marketing strategy… and I immediately saw two profit-draining holes in their marketing: a “never-buy-from-this-product”-weak guarantee and a DOA email funnel.

Within the first twenty minutes of our diagnostic call, I armed them with the high-level tools and copy framework to plug the holes in their guarantee — and multiply conversion.

Next I combed through their email funnel. Like you, they were smart. But they hadn’t devoted years studying and creating and testing their strategies and sales copy. And they wanted a fresh set of eyes, too.

After I explained what needed to be done,  we decided I’d create a new funnel for them (including acquisition emails, webinar copy, retention-boosting follow-ups, and an entire sales autoresponder).

The autoresponders and VSL I built for them still bring in 7-figures years later, almost unchanged.

Just take a minute and imagine what would’ve happened if I’d been desperate for their business and just “taken their order” like many marketers would. Instead of bringing my own experience and expertise to the table, they’d be leaving millions of dollars just sitting there. All because of they were handicapped by a half-as@ed guarantee and a dead-end email sales funnel.

That’s why in-depth diagnosis is so important for your success.

If you want to go deeper, to uncover hidden profit streams in your business and maximize the sales tools you already have… then keep reading.

STEP #2: Prepare a strategic plan (or in non-business-jargon: lay out exactly what we need to do, for you to achieve your goals)

I’ve stopped using proposals because: 1) there’s too much demand 2) they’re too time-intensive 3) they don’t go deep enough 4) I devote my time to clients who are committed to growing and taking action.

Instead, I believe you’ll get the results you want much faster with my diagnosis — and you can follow my recommendations to boost sales and solve your biggest marketing headaches, whether we’re the right fit or not.

The way it works is, I’ll review my takeaways, concepts, and sticking points from our paid diagnosis call… then tie everything together in a written strategy you can start using right away.

If I’m confident that we’re a good fit — and that I can get you the results you want, then — and only then — will I include an action plan and fees for our project.

STEP #3: Create direct response copy that improves conversion and automates sales

Not everyone gets this far. Some entrepreneurs only want/need a high-level diagnostic appointment, so they can get my feedback on their marketing plans, promotions, and sales copy. (A consultative call is also great for very small businesses, where an investment in this level of sales copy doesn’t make sense.)

OK — So you’ve gotten through the screening and agreed to the strategic plan I created for you.

Here are some of the sales-based services I can help you with:

  • Marketing Strategy Deep Dive
  • Offer and USP Tuneup
  • Campaign creation
  • Video sales letters (VSLs)
  • Sales pages and sales letters
  • Email marketing
  • Email autoresponders
  • Amazon sales page rewrites and placement recommendations
  • Landing and squeeze pages
  • Direct mail letters
  • Customer acquisition copy
  • Website copy
  • Complete funnels
  • Webinars — live and evergreen
  • Alternate Revenue Mining

“Tony helped me take a vastly new approach to alternative revenue streams…. [And he] was able to mimic my writing style and boost conversion…. and increased opt-ins by more than 25% despite lower traffic).”

– Benny Lewis, NY Times Bestselling author and founder of Fluent in Three Months, the world’s most-read language learning blog

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